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Trinec (Czech Rep)

2006 by astro.perbosc

school : Elementary School Trinec
city : Trinec
country : Czech Rep
address :
postal code :
latitude : 49°40’ N = 49.683°
longitude : 18°40’ E 18.667°
year : 2006

Final Report 7A
Elementary School Trinec (ZS Trinec)
Czech Republic (Europe)
Grade 7A
Trinec 49:39:46 N 18:40:25 E
Thursday 23/03/2006 First two days the sky was cloudy and the sun wasn’t shining. The weather forecast for next two days was also very bad. On Thursday the sun surprisingly start to shine so we could take our simple tools and start our measurments. . We measured shadow of one meter long pole, its length we marked on metallic board. From marks we later chosed the one which corresponding to the shorter shadow In class we drawed on the blackboard rectangular triangle with sides 100 cm (length of the pole) and 110.5 cm (length of the shadow) and with sextant we measured the angle of sunrays – 48 degrees. For calculations of circumference of Earth we choosed data measured by school in Kyrene de la Mariposa, Tempe, Arizona (USA). The calculations were done using the Excel Spreadsheet according to Ken Cole’s explanation from the 1997 project. We calculated that circumference of Earth is 36 698.4 km. The biggest doubts were about recognizing the end of the shadow – that’s a task for another observations. The most exciting thing in this project for us was the idea that we are working with children from other side of the globe. We were wery much looking forward to some exchange of informations with our partner school, but regrettably it seems they are not interrested. Photogallery:

Final Report 9A
Elementary School Trinec (ZS Trinec)
Czech Republic (Europe)
Grade 9A
Prague 50:05:48 N 14:25:29 E We had only the first three days to do the measurements. The Sun was always hidden behind the clouds at midday. At Thursday night we went to Prague (the capital of Czech Republic) for a trip. And here we were lucky to do the measurements. However, we had no tools with us. We bought a rule and did the measurements on a parking lot using a traffic sign. We measured the height of the sign and marked the end points of shadow of the sing on the ground (they were very blur). We wrote down the results of our measurements and the time when we did them. Once we had done the measurements we chose the length of the shadow according to noon (the shortest shadow). Passers-by were very amused by our struggles. For calculation of angle of sunrays we choosed triginometric method. We got result 47.21 degrees. To calculate Earth circumference we chose the data which was sent to us by Sacred Heart College, Adelaide, Australia. We did the calculation following the instructions on the website. We calculated the circumference of Earth as 41 178.1 km. Our greatest disappointment was the lack of interest of the schools we asked for partnership. Our assumption that we will start a long-term cooperation has proved wrong. Photogallery:

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