The library of Eratosthenes

Nutley (New Jersey USA)

2006 by astro.perbosc

school : Huey Home School
city : Nutley
country : New Jersey USA
address :
postal code :
latitude : 40°49 N = 40.817°
longitude : 74°09’ W = -74.150°
year : 2006

Home schoolers Alex Wisniewski (left) of Union and Tyler Huey of Nutley participated in the on-line "Noon Day Project" administered by the Center for Innovation in Engineering & Science Education (CIESE) of Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken.

The students measured the shadow cast at noon on March 20, shared information with a school in Columbia, SA, and used mathematics to recreate what the librarian Eratosthenes did over 2,000 years ago in calculating the circumference of the earth. Their calculations resulted in a circumference of 38,580.9 km. Eratosthenes’ calculation was approximately 40,000 km.

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