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Thursday 20 March 2008 by perbosc

We had a sunny day for the equinox measurements.

We used two gnomons of 100cm and 50 cm high.

With the gnomon of 50cm we realized an animation of the shadow of the gnomon

Original video (640x480 pixels) on EAAE website

With the 100cm gnomon we made a precise measurement of the length of the shadow at solar noon : 97cm

angle of the sun : 44.128°

Latitude of Lafrançaise : 44°08’=44.133°

We have chosen a virtual partner located on the equator

Distance to equator 44.1333° x 111.111 km = 4904 km

Circumference : 4904 * 360 / 44.128 = 40007km

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