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Printable rulers (Technology)

1996 by perbosc
4 Printable rulers , double scale value (degree-centimeter) 4 bands (width=4cm; length=25cm) on each of the 4 sheets of paper A4format total length of the 4 rulers : 4m For a 1m high gnomon The shadow is cast on the paper ruler You measure the length of the shadow You directly read the (...) > continue

Gallery of gnomons (Technology)

1996 by perbosc
Gallery of gnomons Pencils gnomons Gnomons held with the hand Gnomons sticked in the ground Gnomons laid down on a board, without fixing Gnomons fixed on a board Bottle gnomon Other ways of fixing a gnomon Ready made gnomons Pencils gnomons Xewkija Alexandria (...) > continue

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