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Cañada de Gómez (ARGENTINA)

2007 by astro.perbosc

school : Centro Interactivo de Ciencia y tecnologia
city : Canada de Gomez
country : Argentina
address :
postal code : 2500
latitude : 32°49’ S = -32.817°
longitude : 61°24’ W = -61.400°
year : 2007

Before... and after noon...
When begun the campaign 2006-2007, I was several months without other measurements from partners, to calculate the terrestrial meridian. To solve this problem, I used Cooper formula (1969):
Declination = - 23.45 sin (2*PI* (d+284) /365
Where d is the day of the year. In order compute the distance between our parallel and the one of another city located in another meridian , we used formulate:
d = (111.3 km) · arcos ( sin a · sin b + cos a . cos b cos · cos(c- e))
Where a and b they are the latitudes of both cities, c and e are the longitudes. But that formula delivers the distance between cities; that does not interest to us: The reason is that c=e (both in he himself meridian, and different parallel), thus: d = (111.3 km) · arcos ( sin a · sin b + cos a . cos b )
We are interested by the ditance to the equator, so:
a=0 and b= our latitude (or yours).

d = (111.3 km). arccos (cos b) = (111.3 km). b
We took 111.3 for a circumference from 40075.2 km.

When there is no sun...

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