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Lucia Gutu ’s editorial : WHY A PROJECT ?

Tuesday 17 July 2001 by perbosc



What is the most important in this project is how such a great and ancient idea can gather together, in XXI century, so many kids and youngs of different ages, cultures, native languages,places,coordonates, different hour time on our planet.

I don’t want to write now about the scientific part of the project (maybe anotherday), but about, the whole world of a such important, experimental and scientific project, the world beyond dates and words.

We completes a lot of tables with pedagogical values of projects, but we forget to write about human edge of them, about how, the bright look in their eyes when make un experiment, when are kids, change, when they grow up, in curiosity and clever intelligence.

The youngs have trust in us, they need(at their age) to trust in many good things and ideas.

We, only have to give them an idea, a space where they can express and communicate, exchange works,words,ideas.

They are proud enough to improve (seing others)their knowledge in a modern way(interactive), on-line.

We only have to show them the way, the methods and tools they can find themselves.

After we create them a place-scientific community- and an aim -with a subject-, we only have to watch them with much attention and carry.

That’s why I think this project is and will be a successful one,you’ll see.

The space exists-Forum-in a best, various and scientific form and new ICT –technic. the youngs can work on it and when they finish the school years and go to university, they wrote in their C.V. with great proud that they work in a Scientific Project.

That’t why I work and I belive in this project. And , there are many other aspects to see, the community ,the common space ,to see what others do in the same time with you. I am sure that the kids from Lafrancaise know me, they have my photo with my students and our measurements,in their hands when they go for Videoconference with Alexandria,we whises them- success, I am sure they know me, and for me, after many didactic experience years, that’s what I need, that’s what I want. Like that is a Project.

Lucia Gutu, Cluj Napoca, Romania, July 2008

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