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Port Lincoln (AUSTRALIA)

2005 by astro.perbosc

school : Port Lincoln Primary School
city : Port Lincoln
country : Australia
address :
postal code :
latitude : 34°44’ S = -34.733°
longitude : 135°52’ E = 135.867°
year : 2005

date : 18/03/2005
gnomon : 100cm
shadow : 66cm
angle : 33° We are 6 students from the year 7 Maths group. We attend the Port Lincoln Primary School. Port Lincoln has a population of about 13000 and is in South Australia. We conducted our measurements on Friday 18th March, a clear sunny day. We used a meter ruler supported by a science tripod. A spirit level ensure our 90 degree angle. We measured every 2 minutes from 13:15 to 13:45. (South Australia has day light saving.) We drew a triangle scaled by 1:10 ratio using a geoliner to measure the perpendicular angle. We also constructed the same triangle using a compass for the 90 degree angle. In both cases we calculated the angle to be 33 degrees.

We chose Chelsea Middle School to partner with . The central angle was 75 degrees the distance between us is 8563.65 kms. We calculated the circumference to be 41105.52 kms. The percentage error was 2.8%

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